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No Billed by Grand Jury

Endangering a Child

State felony charge: Endangering a child

Not Guilty, jury trial

Assault - Family Member

Client Acquitted by a jury after 2 day trial

Possession of Controlled Substance

State jail felony charge

No Billed by Grand Jury

U.S. Navy Veteran charged with Theft (3rd)

A state felony charge, happend at Wal-Mart


Unlawful Use of a Motor Vehicle

Reduced to Class A Charge

2nd Degree Felony, Assault- Family Member (Choking)


U.S. Navy Veteran charge with Felony Injury to a Child


2nd Degree Felony, Indecency with a Child

Reduced to Class A Misdemeanor

Felony n Possession (3rd Degree Felony, Enhanced 25 to Life)

No Billed by Grand Jury

Aggravated Kidnapping (3rd Degree Felony)

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