Administrative License Revocation Hearings

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Those who fail or refuse a breath or blood test following a DWI arrest may have their driver’s license suspended between 90 days and two years. Fortunately, if your license was suspended because a DWI, you may be eligible to get your driving privileges back with the help of an experienced lawyer.

At The Law Office of Jason Luong, PLLC, we are committed to helping you get your life back on track. Whether contesting the accuracy of BAC tests or questioning if you were lawfully arrested, Attorney Luong understands what it takes to obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

Requesting a Hearing

In Texas, the Administrative License Revocation (ALR) Program is a civil administrative process – not associated with criminal court proceedings. In order to start the process, the arresting officer takes the license of the driver and issues a temporary driving permit.

After the arrest, the driver has only 15 days to request a hearing. If the driver fails to request a hearing in a timely manner, then the suspension takes effect on the 40th day following the arrest. Before the driver is able to renew his or her license or be issued a license after the ALR process, the driver needs to pay a $125 reinstatement fee.

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Not having the ability to drive can make your life difficult. You will have no reliable means of transportation in order to commute to work, attend classes at school, or conduct day-to-day activities. With the help of an experienced and skilled Houston criminal defense lawyer, however, you will have a great chance of getting your driving privileges back.

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