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In Texas, it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of marijuana. This is commonly known as marijuana DWI or "drugged" driving. While many of the laws and procedures of policing this crime are similar to usual alcohol-based DWI cases, there are several key differences that can work both for and against the accused.

If you have been accused of drugged driving, then it is imperative that you seek and experienced and knowledgeable defense counsel. At The Law Office of Jason Luong, PLLC, Attorney Luong is an award-winning former prosecutor well-acquainted with the science and procedures associated with DWI and DUI cases. Even if the prosecution is submitting a blood test as evidence against you, our firm can ensure that your case receives every consideration it deserves.

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Key Differences in Marijuana DUI Cases

The parameters of an alcohol-based DWI charge are commonly known: if a driver registers .08% or higher, then can be charged with driving while intoxicated. However, for marijuana DWI enforcement, the laws are different.

Key differences in these cases include:

  • There is no breathalyzer. Unlike alcohol DWI cases, law enforcement must rely on blood tests if they suspect a driver of driving under the influence of marijuana.
  • There is no "legal limit." If any trace of marijuana is found in a marijuana DWI blood test it implies guilt under Texas state law.
  • The science is disputed. Because traces of marijuana can stay in a person's system for weeks, the science behind marijuana DWI is still highly contested throughout the country.

Texas Stat. and Code Ann. § 49.04 provides fines, license suspensions, and possible jail time for marijuana DUI convictions—similar to alcohol DWI. If you have been charged, it may be still possible for a skilled counsel to assert your rights, challenge the state's case against you, and secure a dismissal or reduction in penalties on your behalf.

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