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Have you been charged with drug possession? If so, you could be facing serious penalties. While other states are reconsidering the severity of some of their drug offense statutes, Texas law still has some of the toughest drug laws in the country. That is why it is so critical that the accused in these cases retain counsel ready fiercely protect their rights and best interests.

This is the kind of representation the clients who choose The Law Office of Jason Luong, PLLC can count on receiving. Our Houston drug crime lawyer, Jason Luong, is an award-winning former prosecutor who knows how those accused of drug crimes can be marginalized by our justice system. Time and time again, he has fought to have his clients' side of the story heard and secured them the reduction or acquittal that they deserve.

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How Drug Possession Charges Are Determined

For law enforcement and prosecutors, a lot of different factors go into determining the nature and seriousness of a drug possession crime. Elements that need to be taken into consideration include the quantity of the controlled substance found, where it was found, and even the accused's criminal history.

Perhaps what is most key among these numerous factors, however, is the type of substance found by the police. Texas categorizes controlled substances into different "penalty groups" that dictate how seriously the courts will consider the possession charge. These groups are organized by the dangerous and addictive qualities of each controlled substance.

Controlled substance penalty groups in Texas include:

  • Penalty Group 1 - Methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine
  • Penalty Group 1A - LSD and other hallucinogens
  • Penalty Group 2 - PCP, ecstasy, mescaline, hashish
  • Penalty Groups 3 and 4 - Ritalin, Valium, and other prescription drugs

Possible penalties for drug possession vary between the penalty groups, but many of these possession charges are considered felonies. To learn more about the consequences you could be facing for your drug possession charge and what a dedicated and knowledgeable Houston criminal defense lawyer can do to thoroughly challenge the state's case against you, contact us today.

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