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A juvenile crime involves any offense committed by a minor (an individual under the age of 18). When a child between the ages of 10 and 17 is arrested, he or she will usually be tried in juvenile court. If your child has been arrested for a juvenile crime, it is important to speak with a Houston juvenile crime defense attorney immediately about the charges and how they may impact your child's future.

We can discuss the details of the arrest and what you should do next. Our priority is to help keep your child out of jail and protect his or her future. Get started with a free initial review of your case as soon as possible.

Types of Juvenile Crimes and Possible Penalties

Juvenile crimes handled by The Law Office of Jason Luong, PLLC include:

  • Assault
  • Auto theft
  • Criminal mischief (including vandalism or graffiti)
  • Driving while drunk or impaired
  • Drug charges
  • Gun and weapons charges
  • Internet and computer crimes
  • Sex crimes (including sexting)
  • Theft (including shoplifting)
  • Trespassing
  • Unauthorized use of motor vehicles
  • Underage alcohol consumption
  • Violent crimes (including assault and robbery)

Common penalties for a juvenile crime conviction include supervisory caution, deferred prosecution, incarceration by the Texas Youth Commission, probation, suspension of driver's license, restitution and community service. While access to juvenile records is limited, they can be accessed by police and other criminal justice professionals (as well as by some employers and educational institutions). In some situations, charges can stay on an individual's record into adulthood and make obtaining a job, housing, loans or an education difficult.

Could my child be charged as an adult?

In some extreme cases, a child can be certified as an adult, and will be tried and sentenced with the same punishments as an adult.

Juveniles are usually tried as adults if:

  • The crime committed is a very serious offense
  • The child is a chronic offender
  • The child committed the crime after he/she was 15 years of age
  • The child committed the crime at age 14 (but it was a capital offense, aggravated controlled substance felony or first degree felony)

If your child is tried in adult court, he/she will face adult penalties that could include life in prison without parole. By retaining the services of our skilled Houston juvenile crime defense lawyer, you can benefit from our over 15 years of experience and a background as a former assistant district attorney.

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