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Texas sex crimes statutes define prostitution in the Texas Penal Code § 43.02 - 43.06. By this, prostitution occurs when someone knowingly does any of the following in exchange for money or other compensation:

  • Offers to engage in sexual conduct
  • Agrees to engage in sexual conduct
  • Engages in sexual conduct
  • Asks someone in a public place to engage in sexual activity with another person

According to the same Texas statute, a person can still be charged for prostitution for committing any of the aforementioned acts, regardless of whether or not compensation was ever made. Prostitution charges can also be brought against anyone who “knowingly owns, invests in, finances, controls, supervises, or manages a prostitution enterprise that uses two or more prostitutes” or “causes by any means a child younger than 18 years to commit prostitution, regardless of whether the actor knows the age of the child at the time.”

Penalties and Fines for Prostitution

Prostitution charges can result in severe consequences. In fact, depending on the amount of times an offender has been charged with committing, soliciting, or participating in prostitution in any way, penalties for prostitution crimes range from serious to very serious. At a minimum, prostitution charges can result in a Class B misdemeanor, with up to 180 days of jail time and maximum fines of $2,000. On the other end of the spectrum, prostitution charges can result in a first degree felony conviction, which can put you in prison for 5 years to life and hit you with maximum fines of $10,000. Prostitution charges will also go on your criminal record and have the potential to prevent you from obtaining employment, which could result in serious financial hardship for years to come.

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In many cases, prostitution occurs as a result of entrapment, coercion, duress, and more. It may be in your best interest to assemble a knowledgeable legal team to help you navigate prostitution allegations, work together to build a strong defense, and potentially avoid severe consequences.

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