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  • Thank you again, Jason!

    Having found myself in a difficult situation, I have been looking for an attorney during the weekend and Jason personally picked up the phone and was able to discuss and understand the issues that I was going through. He demonstrated to me even over the phone how knowledgeable he was and was able to put my mind at ease with a concrete plan of actions for the next day. Very easy to talk to, patient in explaining his point of view and experience, he has been returning my calls and answering my messages without delay. Thank you again, Jason!

    Jan 20, 2016
  • I couldn't have made a better choice when picking a lawyer

    Got my possession case dismissed ahead of time, helped me from day one, I couldn't have made a better choice when picking a lawyer, me and my family thank you.

    Jan 20, 2016
  • I will thank him my whole life!

    Our case was very hard. My father was scammed from some nigerians and had drugs inside his luggage without knowing it. We hired Jason because we have heard a lot of good things about him. He was amazingm everytime on line if we needed something. He often went to visit my father and was like the only friend my father had 10 months. He was very patient because of my perfectionism i questioned him every day about the case. Everytime he answered me even if i ask him the same the 3rd time. He is great because he is very wise. Whenever you told him some fact about the case he knows how to represent it. He knew exactly how to use the evidences and it was great to listen to him when he was thinking out loud. A great lawyer with a big heart. His smile was like a posivtiv energy which was send to you every time he looked at me. And i knew that everything will be fine soon. And in the end we've got a NOT GUILTY from the Jury. I will thank him my whole life because without him i dont know where we would stand now!

    Jan 20, 2016
  • He never backed down from a fight

    Jason is a tough trial lawyer. He never backed down from a fight as a prosecutor and that is the same as a criminal defense lawyer. He has an amazing trial presence.

    Jun 11, 2015
  • Thank you so much for believing in me and choosing to see beyond my imperfections

    Thank you so much for everything. You truly were a blessing to my life in the short time that I got to know you. It is not often that we find great people with the type of compassion and character that you possess. You truly inspired me and I am so grateful that God blessed me to meet you. Thank you so much for believing in me and choosing to see beyond my imperfections. You are truly an angel and GREATER blessings will be returned to you soon. I don't think I will ever be able to say thank you enough, but THANK YOU!

    Jun 11, 2015

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